Hi I'm Tess...

...and I’m so chuffed you’ve stopped by!
If you take one thing away from my story let it be this: mothers are strong, and they can achieve whatever their hearts desire. I know, because I am living proof of it.
As a mother raising four young boys, I have endured (and overcome!) a truck load of adversity. I’ve experienced divorce, single motherhood, overcoming emotional abuse, dating, blending families, the rigmarole of holding down an office job, the challenge of creating a business, tackling body image issues, anxiety and depression, relocating my life, and much more!
I am passionate about celebrating & empowering women to cast off their self imposed shackles, and be all that they dream - and I am also passionate about making them look good whilst they're doing this!
Through my unique baby-friendly creations, my easy happiness tips & my brutal honesty, I hope to encourage other mums to be comfortable in their gloriousness, and help to normalise all those self-limiting mis-truths we too often allow ourselves to believe.
Photo: Tess Wagner and her beautiful blended family of boys
EMAIL TESS: If you want to reach out and say hello to Tess, you can send her an email at tess@monkeyandmum.com.au